Integrated Dive
and Boat Program Management Platform

A web-based software platform to manage research, scientific, and commercial diving and boating programs. It has been designed to meet compliance and recordkeeping obligations whilst streamlining program management, maximising data integrity, data completeness, and to evolve with the needs of the organizations it serves.Sign up


Integrated, connected, automated, adaptable, convenient, open
Bloop Integrated Diving and Boating Program

Fully Integrated

Fully integrated project, dive, boating and equipment management

AAUS statistics aggregation with Bloop

AAUS aggregation

Single click AAUS statistics aggregation and reporting

Bloop Automated Dive and float plans tracking

Plan and Log submission

Dive and float plans automatically track and alert missing logs

Bloop service-based Diving and Boating Program


Service-based with professional ongoing development and support

Bloop open web standards Diving and Boating Program

Open Platform

Built on open web standards and evolves with its users' needs

Bloop Diving and Boating Program

Three configurations

It can be deployed in 3 ways:
Dive, Boating or both


Some highlights of the bloop online program management platform
Bloop Automated Time-Sensitive Alerts

Certification expiration alerted to user
and DSO by email,
and when they log in

Automated Time-Sensitive Alerts

Emails sent directly to user to advise them of approaching expirations

bloop dashboard summarises important notifications and alerts

DSO receives alerts of upcoming expirations and of renewals submitted by users

Bloop Regulatory Compliance & Adherence

Individual users' certs and equipment list showing dates and expirations

Regulatory Compliance & Adherence

Drastic reduction in out-of-compliance users and 'downtime' due to missed renewals

Certifications, equipment, currency and liability release are all tracked

DSO has at-a-glance overview of whole program's compliance adherence

Bloop Built-in Reporting to AAUS

AAUS report generation and submission
with 2 clicks

Built-in Reporting to AAUS

1-click generation of annual AAUS dive report

Instant online submission and acceptance by AAUS

Direct interaction with underlying report data - rapid identification and resolution of problem dives

bloop Dedicated Customer Service

Help requests responded to within 48 hrs
(max 2 business days)

Dedicated Customer Service

Dedicated help desk team to resolve user queries and problems

DSO liaison to tune settings and options to Program's needs

Ongoing software and back-end server development and upgrades

bloop Import Data From Existing System

Import all data from your existing
program management system

Import Data From Existing System

Direct import of all data from current

Historical data and reports preserved within bloop

Custom imports from other platforms, Excel, CSV or XML files

The Platform

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Pricing (revised Summer 2022)

Flexible based on your needs


Based on Program Size

Number of divers
up to 10$4.17/month per diver
+5$20.83/month - 5 divers
+10$41.67/month - 10 divers
Billed Annually$50.00/year per diver
  • Dedicated Support
  • Fully featured platform
Minimum 10 divers ($500) per year. Purchased in blocks of 5 or 10 divers.


Based on Inventory Size

Number of inventory items
1st - 3rd$100/month
4th - 8th$75/month
9th - 19th$50/month
  • Dedicated Support
  • Fully Featured Platform
E.g. a program with 3 boats and 2 trailers will cost $175/month (first 3 items $100, next 2 items $75 (add up to 3 more items at no additional cost)

Price Calculator

Number of divers




Number of inventory items







Built in to the platform

Intelligent data integrity checks and alerts

Integrated log cross-reference and verification

Centrally-administered DSO/BSO approvals

Aquariums and Museums

Research Institutions and Facilities

Boating and Commercial Operations

Ongoing user and deployment support

Bespoke platform configuration and setup

Security, backups, upgrades and system monitoring


Meet the professionals behind bloop
Bloop directorBloop director

Stu McLellan


Bloop Head of TechnologyBloop Head of Technology

Moritz Schuh

Head of Technology

Bloop front-end developerBloop front-end developer

Ilaria Narella

Product Designer & Front-end Developer

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